Solberg Air Compressor Silencer Reviews

Solberg Air Compressor Silencer Reviews

A good bit of the annoying high frequency whine is produced by your compressor's air intake. Depending on the quality and sound dampening qualities of your existing air intake filter, you can often realize a noticeable improvement by installing a Solberg air compressor silencer.

Solberg is a quality manufacturer of filtration and sound absorbing silencing devices for compressors and blowers. For the typical air intake filter replacement, you’ll need to know the male pipe thread size (MPT) of the existing filter. Most smaller compressors use ¼”, ⅜” or ½” MPT and larger compressors may have ¾”, 1” or 1¼” MPT. You can always install a larger filter than required, however you don’t want to use an undersized intake filter that restricts the intake air flow to your compressor.

Solberg Air Compressor Silencers





Solberg FS-06-050 Filter Silencer, 1/2" MPT Outlet, 3-13/16" Height, 3-1/4" Diameter, 12 SCFM

Solberg FS-06-050

Filter Silencer





Part Number


UPC 685650063324

Durable Steel Construction


3.6" x 3.6" x 4.8"

Solberg FS-04-038 Filter Silencer, 3/8" MPT Outlet, 2-3/4" Height, 2-1/2" Diameter, 8 SCFM

Solberg FS-04-038

Filter Silencer





Part Number


Durable Steel Construction


2.5" x 2.5" x 2.75"

Solberg FS-15-100 Filter Silencer, 1" MPT Outlet, 4" Height, 6" Diameter, 35 SCFM

Solberg FS-15-100

Filter Silencer





Part Number


UPC 692623062345

Tubular Silencing Design


6" x 6" x 4"


Solberg FS-04-025 Filter Silencer

Solberg FS-04-025

Filter Silencer





Part Number


Durable Steel Construction


2.5" x 2.5" x 2.75"

Solberg FS-19P-125 Filter Silencer, 1-1/4" MPT Outlet, 6-5/8" Height, 6" Diameter, 70 SCFM

Solberg FS-19P-125

Filter Silencer





Part Number


Durable Steel Construction


6" x 6" x 6.625"

Solberg FS-06-050 Filter Silencer Review

Solberg FS-06-050 Filter Silencer, 1/2" MPT Outlet, 3-13/16" Height, 3-1/4" Diameter, 12 SCFM

Solberg FS-06-050 Filter Silencers are very popular air intake mufflers that fit most air compressors with 1/2" MPT connections and up to 12 SCFM per filter.

Solberg 06 Paper Filter Element, 1-3/8" Height, 3" Outer Diameter, 12 SCFM

Solberg 06 Filter

The FS-06-050 high grade filter element is easily replaceable using a Solberg 06 Paper Filter Element with over 99% filtration efficiency down to 2 microns.

This is a very heavy duty, well built filter. Here is a picture of what it looks like disassembled.

Solberg Filter Disassembled

Solberg FS-06-050 Filter Silencer Disassembled

Depending on how efficient your existing intake filter is at dampening high frequency noise, replacement with the Solberg FS-06-050 Filter Silencer may reduce the annoying pulsating whine produced by many common air compressor models.

Solberg FS-06-050 Noise Reducing Filter Installation

Simple to install, and a direct screw-on replacement for most air compressors with 1/2" pipe threads on the pump's air inlet. If your compressor has shrouding around the intake filter you may need to add a nipple or elbow to retrofit it with the Solberg filter. The factory intake air filter on my Kobalt air compressor was small and surrounded by plastic shrouding, which I trimmed back with a hacksaw to allow for the increased size of the new Solberg FS-06-050 Filter Silencer that I installed.

Solberg Kobalt Filter Comparison

Kobalt - Filter Comparison - Solberg

Trimmed Air Compressor Shroud

Trimmed Air Compressor Shroud to Install Solberg Filter


  • High grade filter element with integrated gasket seal
  • Fully drawn weatherhood
  • Tubular silencing design
  • Maximum attenuation and air flow with minimal pressure drop
  • Rugged, carbon steel construction
  • Corrosion resistant black powder coat finish
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting options


  • Temp (continuous): min -15°F (-26°C) max 220°F (104°C)
  • Filter change out differential: 15-20” H2O over initial Δ P
  • Polyester: 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 25 micron
  • Paper: 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 2 micron

In addition to any noise reduction gains that you may or may not realize, this is a high-quality air filter made of corrosion resistant carbon steel with a black powder coat finish. On my installation the Solberg filter helped with the annoying noise, however the inexpensive Kobalt compressor is still rather loud, as it wasn't designed or marketed as a quiet air compressor.

Solberg FS-06-050 filters are also inexpensive, usually selling for around $15 to $20 and get excellent 4 & 5 star positive reviews from most customers purchasing Solberg silencing filters.

Solberg FS-06-050 Filter Silencer Data Sheet - PDF 

Solberg FS Series Product Page

Solberg Silencer Sound Reduction Video

Click to play

Solberg FS-06-050 Features

  • Silencing Design
  • Dual Mounting
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Carbon Steel
  • 1/2 MPT
  • 12 SCFM
  • Length 3.6"
  • Width 3.6"
  • Height 4.8"

Our BTFP02012 Ratings


Does a fair job of noise reduction for the inexpensive cost of the filter.


Good quality carbon steel filter. Well built - with replaceable element. 


Relatively inexpensive and competitively priced. usually retails under $20

Overall Rating :  4.5

The Solberg FS-06-050 is an excellent replacement filter and intake noise reducer. We rate it 4.5 stars.


  • Rugged
  • Inexpensive
  • Protects & Quiets
  • Excellent Buyer Reviews


  • Limited Noise Reduction 
  • May Require Extension

Solberg FS-06-050 Filter & Silencer

ASIN: B00H43L16I - UPC: 685650063324

How a Compressor Intake Silencer Works?

A significant amount of the annoying noise produced by air compressors comes from the air inlet. By installing a input filter/silencer or intake muffler such as the Solberg models reviewed here you can typically reduce the noise produced by the air intake system.

Intake muffling devices are usually constructed as a combination air filter and silencing device. Input air is baffled through tubes or other methods using noise damping elements that reduce the sound produced by the air rushing through the intake filter while keeping air flow restriction to a minimum.

Quick Tip:  Sometimes you can quiet the intake further by changing the angle, using 90-degree elbows at the compressor's inlet. Piping the air inlet outside may also help with noise reduction.

The Bottom Line

If you want a quieter air compressor, the best solution is to purchase a compressor designed for quiet operation. Compressors specifically designed to be quiet have low RPM pumps, special sound deadening features, etc. You will never be able to quiet a standard compressor’s dB noise level to match a dedicated quiet compressor design.

 However, it is typically possible to reduce the noise produced by your existing compressor using devices such as the Solberg Air Compressor Silencer and the common-sense tips discussed here. Don’t expect miracles though, no air compressor is silent and no add-on device or gadget can make it totally noise free despite any marketing hype you may hear. You may also want to check out these additional tips on how to make your air compressor quieter.

Solberg FS-06-050 Filter & Silencer

ASIN B00H43L16I  -  UPC 685650063324

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